Monday, August 3, 2009

Week in Review - 7/27/09 to 8/2/09. 104 miles (10 runs).

Good article on an Into the Wild-type from Silverton in yesterday's Denver Post.

Apparently Stephon Marbury is crazy, eating Vaseline and ranting into a Webcam. The last line of the article reads "as we've seen from Streaming Stephon, sometimes the more you give, the more you lose." That's sometimes how I feel about blogging. I tend to put too much stuff out there and end up deleting some. I think a lot of people think that I still blog too much about dating, but I've really cut that back, both the talking about it and the dating itself.

Still waiting to see if World Guy made it to the Pikes summit. I imagine the miles above treeline were pretty hairy with that giant Earth ball.

Solid week. Big mileage, four days of climbing (2 at altitude), and a 16:29 5K. I would like to follow this up with another week of the same, but my legs are really shot right now and I'm going to have to back off a bit at least. Got out for an easy 7 this AM and that may be all I muster for the day. Hopefully the legs snap back quickly as I need to get some more climbing in this week. The overall volume will likely be reduced though. Also had planned to get up to Evans for two nights of sleep this week, but as tired as I was this weekend, I think 10 hours of sleep in my own bed may be more beneficial.

Monday, July 27

AM: 8 miles. Federal, bike path. 7:30s.

PM: 8 miles. Lookout Mountain, Golden. Beautiful night to start the run. 75 with a cool breeze. I headed up shirtless and felt great. I didn’t wear a watch because I have a benchmark time on this route from last year and didn’t want to know how far off it I was. I was pretty pleased with the effort going up. Coming down I just wanted to take it easy to protect the quads. It started raining and since we had a potluck at work today, which meant tons of free food, I had to stop twice for a bathroom break. This was bad since it was raining and I got really cold. Overall I was pretty pleased to get some climbing in though.

Tuesday, July 28

AM: 7 miles. Treadmill. 1@1%, 1@3%, 1@5%, 1@7%, 1@9%, 1@11%, 1@1%. The pace varied with the incline, the 11% mile was at 10:00, 9% just slightly faster. Felt pretty good.

PM: 8 miles. Niketown. 7:04 average. Stomach issues on the return trip again. Legs were pretty cooked.

Wednesday, July 29

AM: Off. Legs needed some time to recover after the two days of doubles to start the week.

PM: 10 miles. 1 mile w/u on DAC indoor track, 5 miles with DAC group at 9:18 avg pace, 1 mile on DAC indoor track, 3 miles on treadmill at 7:30 pace at 1%.

Weird run. I had to lead the DAC group run tonight and had planned to run in the AM and then just bike with them. Couldn’t get the AM run in though. Had to stick with the group for the group run since I was to lead it and wow was it slow. Got the miles in and definitely got a recovery. Started raining hard as I ran back to the office. I have a secret hiding spot for my ID access badge into the office out back. It’s up high, no one would see it there. A security guard was out smoking, keeping everything secure, when I exited out the back and saw me put my badge in my usual spot. She didn’t say anything, didn’t interrupt her smoke break, so when I returned from the DAC in the rain and my badge was gone, I was more than a little pissed. I had to use the intercom to get back into the office and of course the smoking security guard, that is, smoker security guard because she is not smoking, had taken my badge and I got lectured by a different security guard that “someone could find it, gain access to the premises…and this is the second time they’ve seen it there.” I replied, “second time? I’ve been putting it there for 3 years.” Still raining, I went to the treadmill for a few more miles since I was on Roxy and didn’t want to get too wet riding home.

Thursday, July 30

AM: 4 miles. Olde Town easy shakeout.

PM: 7 miles. 3 miles w/u. 5K race in 16:29. 1 mile c/d.

Friday, July 31

AM: 9 miles. Inspiration Point Park, Olde Town.

Lunch: I still like to check out the various sub shops and chains in town. Lenny’s Sub Shop is a national chain, I don’t know, maybe some 500 franchises nationwide. I’d been to one in Jackson, Mississippi back in 2005, but never to another. They recently moved into Denver though and I made it over to Lincoln St. to check out what I think is the metro area’s first location. Blah. Nothing special. The hot sweet relish dressing is overwhelming.

Saturday, August 1

AM: 26 miles. Pikes Peak Marathon course.

PM: 90 mins Jean Pierce massage. This was much needed, but I still seem to be incredibly sore.

Sunday, August 2

AM: 17 miles. High Lonesome trail (16 in 3:05 cumulative, sub 3 running time).

Met up with Todd G yesterday and hit the Hessie trailhead about 8 AM. I'd ran this route last year with TDK and Mike Q once - pics of that run here. That was a very slow run because of TDK's dog and involved Mike and I getting lost around Bob/Betty Lakes and bushwhacking through shoulder high brush. We stopped a lot and took a lot of pics. I'd never met Todd before and wasn't sure what to expect pace-wise, but I ended up getting my ass kicked. Todd meant business. He is training for the Leadville 100 and recently won the inaugural Dirty Thirty trail race in Golden Gate Canyon.

We tacked on about a mile before hitting the trail and then got rolling. I led about the first 45 mins, going with my same double water bottle system. Once we started hitting stuff that was rockier and steeper and started throwing in some hiking, Todd started putting some distance on me. Neither of us carried cameras and we went right past all of the lakes without stopping. This was actually great for me as a stop would've been bad given how sore I was. We hiked up Devil's Thumb Pass up to the Continental Divide and Todd put a lot of distance on me here and waited at the top. I felt the altitude trying to run up on the divide at 12.5K feet and then once we hit the downhill back east down past King's Canyon Lake, Todd ran very well down and I wouldn't see him again for another 30 mins when he'd stopped to wait up on me. We cruised back to the trailhead in 3:05 round-trip, less than 3 hours of running time, which is really pretty solid for that 16 mile loop. Iced the legs in the creek for 5 mins. Thanks to Todd for pulling me along. I needed some help getting out there after Saturday. I kind of feel the same about this run as I did for Pikes on Saturday - it wasn't great, but I got it done at least.

Two things I don't like about trail running then - (1) I rolled each ankle about 4 times on Sunday's run. Nothing too severe, but just enough to scare you and hurt for another minute or so. I did this despite wearing the beefy LaSportiva CrossLytes. (2) It takes so much time to drive to the trail and run this long. Both days were pretty shot after the run. The time spent was further compounded by the energy it took out of me. I was zapped both days and really still am. I had social functions both nights and it was uncomfortable for me to even sit there.

Lots more later. Still trying to figure this week out. Want to make it a bigger week again, but it's apparent that I need to back off some too.

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