Wednesday, February 20, 2013



4-5 weeks of pneumonia, I was in the dog house for the first few weeks of Nela’s visit.  It was pretty annoying, not the dog house, but the pneumonia.  Folks were constantly coming up to me at work asking why I’m still sick, asking how much weight I lost (because they said it was visible in my face, and it probably was), asking why I am at work and not at home, and of course it was annoying that I was completely inactive for the duration.  Finally a second round of antibiotics did the trick to knock most of it out.


The new History Colorado museum in Denver is well worth a visit for kids and adults alike.  At the other end, my local Rocky Flats Museum here in Arvada appears to be closed for the time being. 


Standley Lake is one of our favorite places.  Try to take the dogs there for some exercise once per week.

Elly has grown up some and probably isn’t as playful as Chuck, but she’s still got some crazy in her.




Last weekend we took a drive down around the South Platte, Deckers, Buffalo Grove area, Gudy Gaskell park, etc.  So damn pretty down there, especially with the river running so far along the road.  We’d been down there before, but just going off exploring like that is one of our favorite things to do, and with the dogs it’s so much fun letting them chase us up and down rocks and onto the frozen river, seeing them try to jump on rocks and be happy.  Last weekend’s weather was perfect for it too, although I’m worried about this summer just as much as the rest of you.  After a full day on the river that day, we rolled into Zoka’s in Pine for a late lunch, early dinner.  Highly recommended, and we hope to make it back down there this weekend depending on the weather.  That kind of place is definitely more our ticket than anything downtown – no upcoming Denver Restaurant Week reservations.  

We followed that day up with a trip up to Gold Hill and down through Golden Gate Canyon.  The Gold Hill general store remains for sale at $650k.  What’s that, at least $400k too much probably?  Unsure if the Millsite Inn ever sold?  And Marocco’s still exists in Ward?


Footfeathers said...

Nice photos and thanks for the tip on the History Colorado Museum; gives me something to do this weekend. Glad you've beaten the plague. I would probably slit my wrist after two weeks.

mtnrunner2 said...

Glad you're better, I can attest that illness does not obey any sort of rules or timetable whatsoever.

I had a bout of bruxism (teeth grinding at night) mixed with a sore throat/laryngitis starting at Thanksgiving, and my jaw is still not out of the woods yet. Crazy. It's tough to keep a positive attitude sometimes, but it slowly improves, and recreational life is pretty much back to normal.

If it makes you feel any better, every person I mention the length of my cold to talks about friends that have had colds for 3+ weeks this season. I think this is a bad season for illness.