Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 4

So I’ve become an expert on immigration law the last two weeks, or so I think.  Yesterday was quite frustrating and I sought out another opinion last night at the local tavern.  Given the owner’s nationality, it actually makes sense.  And I had some great conversation and really enjoyed listening to the guy next to me at the bar telling about his 73-year-old mom’s recent vacation to Ecuador.  And his two trips to Brazil, getting arrested in Canada, the bar tender’s trip to Costa Rica and how they totaled the rental car four hours into trip.  Just love talking travel.  Whenever I take a short internet break these days, I found myself waffling over potential honeymoon destinations, although this is really far out.  I’m disappointed that there’s no one place at the top of my list.  Everyone’s got a different comfort level and I think for us, the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica hit that nice mix between development and authenticity and I keep trying to find something similar.  The South Pacific has always been on my life’s to do list, but I think that the top hot spots – Tahiti, Fiji – will likely be too developed.  Now I keep looking into Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, and Marquesas.  Flights to any of those may be too cost prohibitive though. 

Anyways, good conversation last night, and I had a slight buzz when I returned, enough that I dumped some long-held thoughts up on the blog.  And I greatly appreciate everyone’s comments and emails today.  Saved several of those, and plan to keep that post up as well (I still sometimes go back and delete posts) to re-read several of those messages.  Reassuring to know that most of us share the same thoughts.  On Mike’s point about a 2:29 marathoner, I kinda wonder if I’d have run 2:30 at London and never gone sub-2:30, if I’d still be chasing it.  Probably.  Hitting that time though certainly made it easier to step back.  And Mike, totally agree with you on the Pre article – it was supposed to be about why Pre remains so popular, but spent more time talking about why the author decided not to race the 10k. 


HS Matt said...

The South Pacific is unreal. We went to Moorea on our honeymoon, Bora Bora for our 5 year and the Cook Islands for our 10th. (And we are going back to Moorea this summer with a Kids fly free deal). Of those I really only felt that Bora Bora was too developed but by far the most beautiful. Moorea has a small town feel. There are a few less developed islands in the chain such as

Cook islands was very cool too. It's affiliated with New Zealand so everyone speaks english. The main island is Rarotonga. It has around 20,000 people but never seemed crowed. On our beach if we saw 5 other people it was a lot. Aitutaki was even more isolated. Great lagoon. Highly, highly recommended. You can get pretty good deals through Costco there. I think we had a 10 day trip for around $7500.

(aside from cost) Most people were put off my the travel time. It's 7 hours to Tahiti and 11 hours to Cooks island but both are in the same time zone as Hawaii.

if you have questions, hit me up

Justin Mock said...

Wow, thanks for the advice! Moorea is back on the list. We're talking 2014, so quite a ways off, but I love to read and plan still.

HS Matt said...

I forgot to mention that this time, we are going for 7 days.

The airfare on Air Tahiti is $1690 RT each (pricey) but our 2 kids fly free. Air Tahiti has some decent deals on their website (discounts, extra night, etc) and honestly, much better to fly with than Air France.

We found a VRBO for $1500 for the week. If you go that route, Moorea has many VRBOs.

Rob Timko said...

Koh Lipe, Thailand.