Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 6


Spring is coming late to the Czech Republic.  Up above Stramberk, “Czech Bethlehem.”

DSC_0389 - Copy

Wedding all planned for later this year this year in the Czech Republic.  I picked up a GroupOn today for some ballroom dance lessons, just one of many things I need to do before the wedding. 


Pivo, at the pivovar.  Beer is running about $1.50 for a half liter pour now. 

Not ours, friend’s baby. 

Another Stramberk.  Didn’t do it, but one unique offering at the brewery was a beer bath (with as much beer as you can drink while sitting in the bathtub).  I haven’t heard of such a thing in the US, wondering how well it would go over.  Supposedly there are hot spring-like benefits to bathing in beer, skin improvement, stuff like that.


More Stramberk.  This town is near the Polish and Slovak borders on the eastern part of the country, and is part of the Wallachian region where a lot of the Texas Czech immigrants came from (not sure if that holds true for the Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma Czechs too, or if they came from another part of the country).


More Stramberk. 

Zlin, they were talking about prepping me for the Zlin Triathlon (wine, beer, and slivovice), which would serve as my bachelor party.  Travel always makes for good conversations.  One of these guys honeymooned for four weeks in Cuba last year.  Another worked in a fishery in remote Alaska years ago.  They’re talking about visiting Chernobyl soon.  And I think I’ve talked my future brother-in-law into doing the short-course race at the World Championships of Pack Burro Racing this summer.  He’d almost certainly be the first Czech burro racer, and maybe even the first European. 


nmp said...

You shouldn't have provided any clarification on the kid picture...just to see what responses you would get!

Jim P. said... only reaction was to the third picture..."Oh my God, is that Justin's beer?!"

mike_hinterberg said...

Cool all around.
How long/many are the dance lessons?
We did one session once, a few months before our wedding, and were mocked for not having started months or even a year earlier. Whatever.

brownie said...

Wall Street Journal reported the other day that USADA has tested ballroom dancers in the past. So don't get any ideas.

You'll be my hero if you do that beer bath thing.

mtnrunner2 said...

Great pictures. The village overview reminds me of paintings by Bruegel the Elder like this one.

GZ said...

Yeah, ditto - these are cool. Glad to see you guys happy.

And stoked about the WC actually having a world component to it!

Justin Mock said...

Thanks guys.

Mike - I think it was 5 lessons (3 group, 2 private). I'm sure I could wing it even without the lessons, but was pretty cheap. I took a "social dance" class in college with one week on waltz, a week on tango, etc. Can't remember much though.

JT - here's what it looks like:

If that link doesn't work, just do Google Images for Stramberk Beer Spa.