Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pine Valley Ranch Park

Having already given the dogs a day in the mountains this holiday weekend, today was to be my turn and I was split between a 10-mile lap of Staunton State Park, Colorado’s newest state park, or the 15-mile out-and-back Jones Pass run, starting and finishing at Herman Gulch, the same trailhead I was just at on Thursday.  I haven’t run much the last two weeks though and my foot has been uncomfortable from a fall on Thursday, so opted for the shorter option.

Unfortunately, Staunton State Park wasn’t inviting at 6:30 AM today.


I couldn’t any roadside pullouts nearby and wasn’t sure if the rangers, being a new park, would be okay with me going in early or not, so headed up the road to Pine Valley Ranch Park instead.

I’d never been here before, and only ran an hour or so, but the map looks to have a lot of options.  I’m going to have to add a longer run from here to my summer to-do list.  It’s not a long list, Pawnee-Buchanan Pass loop, Jones Pass, and then a longer run from here to somewhere. 

Really like these little communities out 285.  If I worked in Golden/Lakewood/Littleton, the commute from Conifer, Aspen Park, or Pine would be easy to accept.





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Jim P. said...

I contemplated this past weekend going up early to Staunton. Glad I didn't. I wondered if the park had a late opening. PVR/Buffalo Creek has innumerable options for long runs. Check out the course map of the North Fork 50/50K for some ideas. Definitely a place to hit early, given the heat and the fact there's quite a few miles that run through the old Buffalo Creek fire area. Beautiful, but sometimes stark.