Thursday, April 10, 2014

Running Times + Kitchen Nightmares

It'd probably been three years worth of Sundays that I'd written a mountain, ultra, and trail racing recap for  I always started it midweek and enjoyed including the "next weekend" preview bit to alleviate the volume of work on Sundays.  Sometimes it was tough with travel and I'd write it really late on Sundays, and some weeks lacking significant races and well-known names were definitely a challenge to generate content for.  It generally worked out though and I liked writing them. 

We're mixing it up now though and I wrote this article instead this week, highlighting Liza Howard and Karl Meltzer's previous weekend wins.  It took longer to write, but it's definitely more of a journalistic piece than what I published under the previous format, and it potentially has more mass appeal.  Give it a read, curious for any feedback. 

Separately, last July myself, my wife, my brother-in-law, and my mother-in-law scored a chance to be diners at Pantaleone's ("Denver's Best Pizza") during a Kitchen Nightmares taping (the Fox show, with Gordon Ramsey).  It will finally air this Friday night.  We're on the "nightmare" night at a table against the wall.  I don't expect to have any speaking bits - they did hold the microphone over our table a few times and each time, I cratered under the pressure to say something meaningful.  Still, we should be on camera at some point I would think.  Gordon didn't visit our table, but did greet us upon entering and I later asked him where the restroom was.  The food was of course bad, not throw-up bad, but probably not even school-lunch quality (and I'd never pay $100 for a school lunch for four people).


GZ said...

3 years? Are you 25 yet?

jameson said...

i liked the article, but i also like all your racing recaps. hopefully you'll have mix of both going forward.